Private Signal Flag

Private signal flag of Christopher Cook and Emily Delmotte. Left, three blue stars in a vertical column. Center, International Code of Signals Charlie flag. Right, International Code of Signals Echo flag.
Private signal flag of Christopher Cook and Emily Delmotte.

Several years ago, I designed a private signal flag for Emily and me in anticipation of future boating adventures. I began work on the flag, sewing by hand with many fits and starts, over the winter of 2017-2018 but abandoned the project when the sewing got tough. After buying a sewing machine recently, I finished the flag in about two hours!

Sketches saved from the recycling bin by Emily.

The three stars echo those on the flag of the District of Columbia where Emily and I met. They are blue to represent three bodies of water from our lives: Lake St. Clair, near where Emily grew up; Lake Okoboji, in Iowa, where I learned to sail; and Lake Michigan, the great lake shared by both of our home states of Illinois and Michigan. The five bars in the middle make up the International Code of Signals (ICOS) flag for the letter “Charlie” (for Chris) and the two larger bars make up the ICOS flag for the letter “Echo” (for Emily). The flag’s colors follow the flag of the United States and the shape is a triangular swallowtail, the traditional shape for private signals.

The last step is for me to finish Blue Moon so we have a place to fly this flag!